Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Visit in Buffalo

This page has tw0 self portraits hidden in the pictures of this entry which is a good place for them since I am a bit camera shy. The photo above was taken at the Albright-Knox Art Museum in Buffalo, NY when I was visiting there over the weekend. This piece is outside the door we entered. Our grandchildren and their parents are in the photo as well as my husband and myself. I think the piece is wonderful and just for fun we all posed with our reflections. We did that several years ago in the Botanical Gardens in front of a Victorian Mirror Garden Globe. Just updating the album. There is another place in Buffalo where I love to take reflection pictures and that is the round pound in front of a museum in Allentown. I have a great photo of an American Flag in that reflectiive pool.

Here is the first New York State sign of Spring that I have seen. Had to be Buffalo since there is still snow on the ground where we live when this was taken 2 days ago. Very lovely little blooms we planted in the fall with the grandchildren in Buffalo.
A new pair of earrings I made with Swarovski crystals and right angle weave. I don't think they are really relevant but I wanted to keep up the beady theme. So here they are.

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