Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Working on some Beads Today

These are some square beads that have been fired two times already. They just came out of the kiln with the cobalt blue stain fired on. Now I am going to glaze them with a clear gloss glaze and fire them again.

These are some pendants and two hole beads that have not been fired at all yet. They are dry enough now for me to trim and smooth. Then they will be fired for the first bisque fire which for me is cone 06. About 1850 degrees.

These are some two hole beads and pendants that are in various stages of being ready to fire for a third time. The two hole beads need some clear gloss glaze, the pine cone pendant has not yet been hand painted and the leaf tree pendant has been hand painted and is ready for the final gloss glaze.
This is how the kiln load I am firing right now looks. I am trying to get the kiln full without having a disaster. The beads are on high temp wire which can only hold a light load. The wires are held in place by the posts that are on top of them and making the next layer for more beads on high temp wire. This is my small AIM 88 Kiln which only measures about 8x8 inches by 9 inches high on the inside. This is not a particularly good example of how to stack an AIM 88. Yolanda at Yolanda's clay has some great photos on Flickr! on how to really fill an AIM 88. I am firing this kiln load at a low fire 06 cone. My kiln has a digital control which is a joy to use. I just push the button and on it goes. It takes about 4 hours to fire to cone 06.

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