Thursday, April 03, 2008

Visit to New York City

The last weekend in March I had the pleasure of visiting NYC again. It has been awhile since I visited and quite awhile since I lived there and attended college there (Barnard College). Every year, my husband and I visit my college roommate and attend the wonderful Bryn Mawr Book sale in Princeton. And some years we venture across the river and see the city.
This year was one of those. I attended the Whole Bead Show briefly and had the pleasure of meeting my Beads of Clay Yahoo Group friend Natalie Gillihan and purchased one of her lovely pendants. I chose the Tree of Life since I have such an affinity for trees and leaves. I was also able to meet some very nice folks from the Tucson Bead Shop, another connection for me since I grew up mostly in Tucson.
But best of all I spent some time with my son Brian who designs my webpage and gives me invaluable advice on all things technical and computer. He is indeed a computer whiz. I don't know what I would do without all of his help and enthusiasm for my work.
I took some great pictures of city buildings and visited Barneys on 59th Street and looked at all of their cool unslick jewelry.
And we had a great meal at a restaurant called The Brick.
And another great thing, it was a beautiful sunny day.
I am planning on making some right angle weave bracelets with the stones I purchased. I am quite Bead Show deprived since the only show that comes remotely near where I live--The Innovative Bead Show--I couldn't attend this year due to our worst snowstorm of the winter. Mind you that was in March and we had had plenty of bad weather before that time.
But now we have some signs of Spring. Check this lovely out on my website.

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