Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Etsy Mud Team Stamp Exchange

These are the three stamps I sent to Amy Esther as part of the Etsy Mud Team stamp exchange. She wrote about them in her blog yesterday. You can see Amy's ceramic work in her Etsy store here. Her blog and her work are very interesting and full of great colors and great food and delicious recipes. I love the name of her blog: In the Night Kitchen. Also one of my favorite Maurice Sendak's books.


  1. These are fantastic! Great work! :)

  2. Those are super cool! I LOVE "In The Night Kitchen" I don't know what I'll do when my kidlets are too old to have that read to them...

  3. love them. you should offer them up on etsy. =)
    they could be used in so many interesting ways. I also love your most recent ceramic pendants. payday is coming soon!

  4. Hi Art Mind
    Thank you for stopping by. I will check out your blog too. Glad you like these.

  5. Hi Gaea,
    So cool that you can connect to In the Night Kitchen--don't despair, one day you can do it all over again with your grandchildren. Some of my sweetest memories of my children are the stories we read together. But then I am such a fan of kids books. And Sendak is so super. Thanks so much for writing in. Glad you like the stamps.

  6. Hi Jennifer. What a great idea about putting them on Etsy. And thanks for your super interest in my work.


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