Monday, March 23, 2009

New Colorful Clover

These are some colorful clover pendants that I made last week. I have them listed on my Etsy shop for now as they are one of a kind.
I think they go along with welcoming Spring after a long cold winter. In the Northeast we had more cold than usual. Colors look so hopeful and cheerful. I am glad that the weather is changing. This is the best time of year because we have so many months of great weather to look forward to.


  1. Mary, these are just lovely! And they do look like the beginnnings of the spring season, so fresh ... a wonderful image.

  2. hi mary!
    I used one of your pendants last night in a necklace design. you can see it on my blog today!

  3. Lynn, I am so pleased to hear from you and to get your feedback. I am having a great time using more color and welcoming in this Spring which is being quite reluctant to warm up.

  4. Hi Lorelei,
    What a gorgeous necklace. I Tittered about it a few days ago and don't be surprised to hear about it hear soon too. Thanks so much.


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