Thursday, April 08, 2010

New Toggles and a Toggle Clasp bracelet

These are some of my new toggle clasps and a bracelet that are on my website made to order.  The are hand built so that they do not come out just exactly like the picture.  But they will be the same size and almost the same.
All of these Toggle clasps are made from ceramic clay.  This first one has an  image on the bar and the clasp of Dill seeds in flower.

The next one is from a spruce tree.  I like the way the toggle bar completes the bough.  This one is quite large: about 1 1/2 inches square. 

This is a bracelet with a large toggle clasp.  The bright green beads are also handmade from ceramic clay. The darker glass beads are Sea Glass beads from the Beadin' Path.


  1. These toggles are AWESOME! I hate hiding the clasp and these are meant to be stared at. And maybe fondled a bit. (Have I said too much?)
    Thanks for sharing the inspiration!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Nice! I've been doing some toggles but nothing as ornate as yours. They're beautiful.


  3. LOVE! They are gorgeous!

  4. I LOVE these.....They have such a unique look to them!!

  5. I had to snag one of the spruce toggles, they are awesome!

  6. Hi Erin, Thanks you for such support of my work. I am so pleased that you like them.

  7. Hi Cindy,
    Thanks for writing in. There is room in the world for all kinds of toggles. I will be sending out your prize tomorrow.

  8. Thank you Kelly. I am pleased you wrote in.

  9. Hi Heather,
    Wow!! How cool that you want one. Thanks for writing in.

  10. Hi MaryAnn, I am so pleased to hear from you. Going over to see what you are up to lately. Always a pleasure to see your beads.

  11. Both are so nice! I especially like the dill seed one that is picture first. Totally fabulous!

  12. Anonymous18/4/10 23:26

    I like your toggles both shape & colour.

  13. I love your toggles Mary! Wonderful how the designs really work together... and the colors are of course yummy too!

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