Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Art Bead Scene Carnival Bloggers Statement Necklace

Statement Necklace Honoring Ceramic Beads of Clay Artists 

I made this necklace from ceramic beads and pendants that I have collected over the years as part of the Yahoo Beads-of-Clay group

handmade ceramic beads, buttons or pendants from the the following artists  are included in this statement necklace

Captain's Clay
Tyler Hennigan
Joan Tucker
Marti Conrad
Natalie Gillihan
Annie O'Fallon
Virginia Miska
Shattera Clay
Jessica Sharrah
Melanie Brooks
Lisa Peters
Christine Smith
Vanessa Gilkes
Lisa Shifflett
Kristie Roeder
Marla James
Tracy Isley
Creative Impressions in Clay
Yolanda's Clay
Mary Harding
Marsha Neal
Gail Splaver
Golem Studio
Barb Tilley
Natalie Pappas
Marsha Hedrick
Joan Miller
Cindy Dolezal
Annie Dilker
Evelyn Peckham Arvey
Mossy Hill Studio
Elaine Ray
Andi Fasimpaur
Maku Studio
Lisa Stevens

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  1. Man! That has to be one heavy necklace...but it is dripping with possibilities! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. Absolutely, completely, amazingly inspired! A great tribute to the swap.

  3. Holy wow! That necklace DEFINITELY makes a statement!!

  4. That is flippin' gorgeous!!! What a great statement! I love the BOC family!

  5. Wow! That's one gorgeous work of art! Inspiring!

  6. Wow, Mary, that's what I call a statement! regards Stefanie

  7. Yeah! I think mine is just a whisper compared to this! That's not a statement, it's a COMMAND. Pay attention to CERAMIC BEADS!! I love it.

  8. Mary, your statement comes through loud and clear: you LOVE ceramic beads! (don't we all?) I love how you were able to pull so many different elements and styles into a cohesive whole. Nicely done!

  9. OMG - this is really really really a strong statement. Amazing.

  10. What a great necklace... !

  11. A statement indeed! What a great way to display such a beautiful and inspiring collection of art beads! It's fun to see a Marrying of such a variety of styles. :)

  12. Such beautiful piece Mary! I am so happy and impressed to see how beautiful all these clay pieces go together. I just love it!

  13. Wow, that is sure to turn some heads and begs lots of questions! Don't wear this out any time you are in a hurry because you'll never get to your destination, too many people will stop you!

    This isn't a statement necklace but a show stopper! :) Just tremendous Mary!

  14. Wow. Wait, let me rephrase that...


    I love the fact that you've incorporated the work of so many artists in your piece. It's truly stunning!

  15. WOW!!!!!! I LOVE it! What a lovely tribute to B&B and to the amazing ceramic clay artists who made the lovely beads and to you for creating a tour de force! BRAVO! Thanks for participating!

  16. What an amazingly inspiring necklace. Beautiful work from the designers!

  17. Mary, Do you think a group of us could do something do raise $ for the people who have been so dreadfully affected by the gulf oil spill?

  18. This is beautiful! I've got to go back and look it all over ... there's so much to see.

  19. Simply put, that is a piece of art. I love it. Some of the colour tones remind me of beads Love them.

    Thanks for sharing these pics! Judy


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