Thursday, June 10, 2010

Donation Bracelet

Tuscan Sun Bracelet

Made with my handmade Tuscan red ceramic beads, deep red sea glass beads from The Beadin'Path, small mookite disc beads and Sun Toggle Clasp from Lima Beads. 
Bracelet is constructed with right angle weave.

I am donating this bracelet to a silent auction to raise money for GardenShare.  Their mission is " to build a North Country where all of us have enough to eat and enough to share—where our food choices are healthy for us, for our communities, and for the environment. "


  1. What a genereous gesture and what a goreous bracelet. You'll sure raise money with this pretty! regards Stefanie

  2. I love the colors in this bracelet. Oh no! Am I going to have to take up beading now???

  3. Mary that is a really beautiful bracelet! A wonderful cause!

  4. Stefanie, Nice to hear from you. I hope you are right about raising money. worhtwhil cause. thanks so much for such nice words.

  5. Hi Cindy,
    thanks you for such a nice comment. yes, beading is such fun. You could learn it easily.

  6. Hi Janet , thank you for stopping by. I am so pleased you like the bracelet. I hope it helps them out. they do lots for all of us.


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