Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Peyote Plain

A new peyote stitch bracelet without any surface decoration.  The button is in the back and it is overlapped onto the bracelet so that there is no skin showing when I wear it.

More tumbled, stained stoneware beads.  I now have a new barrel--clear plastic--for my tumbler.  I had a rubber one and it would get the black sludggies every so often.  Now I can watch my beads tumble and pull them when the color is just right.  I can't wait to try it.

When I was working with these wonderful multicolored seed beads (bracelet above), I noticed how well they go with the teal ceramic beads.  So now I have a partly finished bracelet with the two together.  Just waiting until I get the right button to close it with--and to finish the edges.


  1. Both - the bracelet and the tumbled stones - are just great. regards Stefanie

  2. Gorgeous bracelet and beads, Mary!

  3. Mary, Your work is so lovely!!!! And I can't find your number in the phone book to call you to thank you for my buttons!!!! I LOVE them! You are so thoughtful! xo Cait

  4. Love your stoneware beads. This look has really been catching my eye lately (probably caused by some drilled riverstone beads over here), and I'm so happy to find more with this natural but polished quality!

    Glad I stopped in after finding you listed in the Stringing mag 'Contributors' page. Cheers :)

    at Rings & Things

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