Saturday, September 11, 2010

Looking into My Studio Today

I took this picture today so I could participate in the 2nd Saturday State of Your Studio event on the Beads-of-Clay blog.  It shows my glazing area in the front and on the long counter with the green rolling pin, my wet clay working area.  I make sure to keep the two areas separated.  Some folks even have a separate room for glazing to be sure that there are no clay particles floating around that might land in the wet glaze.  My studio is almost below ground level so it is very damp which is good in a way.  The clay doesn't dry out too fast and air may be too heavy for little particles to travel very far.  As you can see I use coffee cans with skewers to suspend the beads while I am glazing them.  In the tray are some bisqued pendants that I will be hand painting and then glazing. 
Thanks for stopping in.


  1. Wow Mary! You are organized. I just got done cleaning up my mess that sat there all week only to take it out again in another few days.

  2. Very cool use of those coffee cans to hold the skewers with beads on their tips! I now use the same area for clay and glaze work - my slab roller table top. I just make sure it's cleaned off well. Can't stand little specks of clay in my glaze… it does happen time to time though.

    Thanks for letting us see into your studio!

  3. I agree, you're very organized! But in your medium, you really have to be, don't you?


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