Monday, September 20, 2010

Shopping Maine

When we were in Maine this summer I visited some important shopping sites and took this great pic of the well known boot.

And visited the other great store in Freeport--Beadin' Path

And bought these beauties to keep my memories of summer warm during the cold months ahead.  Patchy frost predicted tonight.  It seems that summer just stopped from one day to the next around here.
How about where you live?
But wait, I just hear the newest weather report.  We are getting a reprieve this week with temps in the 60's and 70's.  Maybe I can get in one last swim.


  1. I have some of those boots! They date back to my days when winter was serious business. And speaking winter, frost? Seriously? We are still at 90F down here and it is so hard for me to remember those northern early autumns. Hope you get your remaining swims in!

  2. Enjoy those mild days - can't tell how long they will last.
    Great beads!

  3. Still in the 90's here. But I just heard the rain start. That should cool things down.


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