Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I love the way sunflowers grow

 and cascade

and make beautiful patterns with their seeds

and wear the most intense color yellow

                                                 and shades of brown and rust and burgundy

                             They are my favorite flower in my garden and the only one I planted this year.


  1. Gotta' love those sunflowers! I didn't plant any this year, so I'm really enjoying your pictures. These great flowers are really the harbingers of Fall. Thank you for posting.

  2. I've just come back from Kansas, the sunflower state. Driving along vast fields of sunflowers is always a treat at this time of year. Seeing their blooms pointing in the direction of the sun, knowing that if I come back later the entire field will have shifted, is a very moving experience.

  3. Ahh, i love sunflowers. Your pictures are great! Thxs for sharing.

  4. I used to grow those giant ones too. Haven't tried them here in the desert. Great photos. I made sunflower beads this month, a Sunflower Goddess Cabuchon and a set of beads I hope to make into jewelry soon. I am going out of town until Oct 4th but will try to post about them after that. I'll shoot you a note when I do.
    I think you would enjoy seeing them.

  5. Thank you Doreen for writing in. I am glad you liked the Sunflower pics. They just were so last of summer and coincidently I took them on the last day of summer. I had been planning to take the pics for some time.

  6. LeAnn, what a great image of the sunflower heads following you as you travel with the sun. Must have been fantastic.

  7. Good to hear from you Stefani. Glad you like the pics. That large one has turned a darker shade of rust in the last few days.
    Gorgeous. Enjoy your Fall.

  8. chocoholic --I would love to see the pics of your sunflower beads. What a great idea.


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