Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday 6-22-11

Yesterday was Bead Table Wednesday, but I couldn't get any photos to load to my blog.  Now I am trying again and they are loading just fine.
I am posting a pic of some of the cabs I just got out of the kiln.  I am making these for a class I am teaching in July.  We will be making a beaded cabochon pendant like the one in the photo below.  I am teaching this class at the Thousand Islands Art Center in a nearby town. 
Beaded Cabochon pendant

I made 15 cabs for a class of  possibly 10.  I made several of this pine bough since that is the one pictured in the class catalogue.  Now to pick out the seed beads, adhere the backing to the cabs ( I am doing this ahead because of the drying time)  and package all the kits up.  I actually enjoy putting together kits.

Thank you all who wrote such nice and enthusiastic comments about these cabs!!

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Enjoy looking.


  1. Hi Miss Mary, if i had wings i would fly to be there :( one to take your class and another to meet you in person, maybe someday !!
    take care ttfn Lana >^.^<

  2. Those cabs are really beautiful!!!!

  3. Your cabs are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for leaving an encouraging comment on my blog ref. my new kiln. I'm looking forward to contributing to the BOC some day soon. Still playing with those Cayote glazes. Fingers crossed I'll get a success! Raida

  4. Mini tiles - simply gorgeous! I'm assuming you can do the same with polymerclay? Have an article on my site ( about making beads with polymerclay. Curious as to what would be the differences in appearance between clay and polymerclay.


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