Thursday, June 09, 2011

Wild Thunderstorm Yesterday

My studio is in that barn!!  No harm done, luckily

My husband is up there cutting it up for firewood right now.  Our tractor is under all those branches, safe and sound.
And I can still get inside.  We feel very lucky!!


  1. Oh thank god, nothing happened to you or your family!

  2. Oh my god, Mary!!!! We were watching the storm hit over your way but didn't really get much of the thunder and lightning--just wind and rain!! WOW! That's a lot of tree down! I'm glad it didn't hurt my buttons (or you, of course)! :-D Call you when I get back! xoxo

  3. Im so thankful all was ok with you and your family! What a beautiful area you must live pretty from what I can see!

  4. That was pretty close - too close for comfort, really. Good to hear no other damage occurred, but what a pity about such a beautiful old tree.

  5. Thank you all for your concern. I so appreciate it. I am glad it turned out well. Now it is cut up into firewood and will be part of the many cords needed to keep us warm in the winter.


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