Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sue Beads' Challenge

I was one of the lucky 5 to be chose to participate in Sue Beads Challenge.  She gave each of us a set of these lovely enameled flowers.  I got the purple ones in the upper right hand corner.  She sent us a very generous amount.

When they first arrived I thought that I would use them in a seed bead creation.  But as time went on I did not think this would work out so well as the flowers need bigger beads to show off their great colors. Then I matched them up with some of my own handmade beads and decided that they looked great with these matte turquoise porcelain beads that I had made recently.

  And better yet they looked great with these ball head end pins that I made last weekend.  The copper turned this wonderful pink red color that also looked great with Sue's flowers. 

So I decided to make a rather long pendant that could be added to a variety of stringing materials. I used a Vintaj black flower that I lightened slightly with Gilder's Paste, lots of my turquoise matte porcelain beads, and a butterfly pendant that I had made.  It was also touched up with some Gilder's Paste.

And  I attached this long pendant to a kind of fancy chain that I had.  But it looked a little bare so I wove a piece of turquoise roving that I had into the chain and this is what I got.

 Thank you Sue for such a fun Challenge and wonderful enameled flowers to play with.  Be sure to visit Sue's blog for the others who participated in this challenge


  1. The turquoise and purple are a lovely combination. The 'tassel' looks like a cascade of little flower buds. Nice!

  2. How sweet! Love the colors of your necklace! Really dig that tassel of flowers!

  3. I love your necklace, but then am partial to long necklaces! :) I also love how you used them as "bottoms" for your flowers. Perfect.

    courtney of beads by breul

  4. Oh Mary You are a true ARTIST :) love this one !
    so many interesting textures and shapes...jummie

  5. Wow, so cute! I love how you used them and what yo created! You all did different things with them - it's so great!

  6. Wow Mary! That necklace is gorgeous! Love all the different textures you got going and I love the length you made the pendant! SWEET!

  7. Love your color combo! Your necklace is stunning!

  8. I really love the great color on this, Mary! I am in awe of how different everyone's take on this was! Thanks for sharing this great design. Enjoy the day!

  9. Hello Mary! Your necklace is fabulous - love the idea of a long "tassle" with various beads adding movement and interest. I really like how you used Sue's enameld flowers as a cap for the beads and then added the thick wire wrap - it's such a great look. :-)

  10. Beuautiful!!! Love the way this flows - and I am addicted to dangles - is there a group for that? lol


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