Sunday, October 10, 2010

Linking to Beads-of Clay Blog with inlinkz

It is such a beautiful day today, I have taken my studio outside.  I am practicing linking my blog to the BOC blog with the Inlinkz  program  in preparation for the BOC Fall Open Studio Blog Event on Oct. 24, 2010.  Just 2 weeks away.

This huge sunflower bloom is still just beautiful I think and I can't resist another photo.

I love the shape of sunflower petals and sunflower seeds.  These will work their way into my ceramics I am sure.

Not  everyone likes brussels sprouts the way I do.  But the way they grow, can anything be more unusual and lovely at the same time?

Well, I guess I will be going inside soon since I have a lot of pieces awaiting the hand painted part of the glazing process. 

And now for the linking.  I will go to the BOC blog --Marsha Minutella's post on 10/9//10 and scroll down to the bottom where the  inlinkz button is and follow the directions.   Really quite simple.
Have a Great Sunday!!!


  1. i love brussels sprouts (although it's hard to spell :) esp, roasted with some olive oil & salt. yum yum

  2. Sounds delicious. I didn't believe the spell checker when it told me brussels. Thanks for the tip and for writing in.

  3. Nice garden pics Mary. :) That Was really simple posting to Inlinkz. Thanks for the reminders about the Open Studio Event ~ I need to get busy and get my blog ready!

  4. The pics are awesome, Mary!


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