Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lorelei's Michaels Challenge Reveal

This was indeed a fun and exciting Challenge Lorelei.  Thanks so much for setting it up.  The adventure started on Saturday, Oct. 2 when I went to Michaels' and bought two sets of the beads that Lorelei picked out for the challenge, one for me and one for my new friend in Sweden, Malin de koning.  I sent them out to her the following Monday and she had them in just a few days, which I thought was amazing.

The beads I used
Then I started on the necklace on Columbus Day Holiday and have been working on it since.  It was a challenge in lots of ways, and all of them good and the reason I signed up for this in the first place.  I love to have to stretch my mind and try out new things.  This challenge met those criteria.  It also surprised me in some other ways  It was a challenge to make a necklace that looks like me and stayed within the parameters set for us.  The structure of the  "rules" was difficult at times and I think I learned a lot about the importance of design, color and FOCUS ( It was hard not to add more beads, charms etc.).

According to the "rules" we could add 2 bead types and a pendant and a clasp.
I added my handmade:
Stoneware Wild Grass Pendant
Lime green earthenware clay beads
Teal stoneware beads
Teal stoneware wild grass toggle
Copper HOPE toggle bar

I used a copper Bead Landing chain instead of the white one, not because I couldn't find white, but because I found the white just wouldn't work for me.
The idea of wire wrapping the lime green beads and new jade into the chain I owe to Leslie Rogalski who explains this technique in the Oct./Nov. 2010 issue of Step by Step Wire Jewelry, pages 32-33.
About the word HOPE.  I chose this word because it is important to me. I try to impart hope to all I know and meet.  I thought that adding this word to the clasp would make the necklace more personal.

My favorite part of this necklace is the texture.  It is lumpy bumpy which gives it vitality, I think.  I know I will enjoy wearing it.
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  1. Just stunning, Mary! Love the mix of beads and the colors look so fresh. These are some of my favorite colors and they pop nicely against the copper elements. So thoughtful of you to send the beads to your friend in Sweden!

  2. wow wow wow! i am loving that technique you s how of wire wrapping the beads into the chain links. fun!
    Your piece turned out great, and it's very YOU! I am glad to hear the beads were challenging, but you ended up working through it and came to end up with a lovely piece. I love that toggle bar, is that something you made? it's so cute!

  3. Adorable, Mary. I'm totally in love with this piece.

  4. Thanks Erin for the great comment. I think you is fab. I left a comment for you.

  5. Thanks so Lorelei, yes that is a cool wire wrapping technique. Thanks for the nice words about the necklace. Yes, I did make the copper toggle bar. I have been putting words on quite a few. Very fun.

  6. Thanks Stefanie for stopping and leaving such a positive comment. Glad you like it. Fun challenge. Next time you can join in I hope.

  7. Adorable, Mary. I'm totally in love with this piece.

  8. Another absolute beauty. The white chain was the biggest challenge for me too.

  9. very pretty. I love the toggle bar!

  10. Simply Beautiful!!! You worked so well with these components!!

  11. This is a very lively, beautiful necklace! I love how all of the challenge beads play so nicely with your handmade ones.

  12. i love this piece...
    especially the wire wrap on the chain links..also the toggle.
    that devil white chain was a big challenge for me as well.

  13. Lovely! You did a wonderful job :)

  14. Beautiful playful necklace! I too wanted to run screaming into the night away from the chain but made it work for me anyway. Happy Blog Hopping!

  15. Your necklace is gorgeous. Love the way you wireworked the beads into the chain. The white chain has been a challenge indeed. I was making the necklace last night and thinking how I was going to deal with it.

  16. I love it! Very boho! The wire wrapping looks great

  17. Your necklace is wonderful!!

  18. Beautiful! I love the way you wrapped the beads into the chain!

  19. Wow, I love the blue and green beads together, theyreally make the piece pop! Great job on this!

  20. Love your necklace. Love the copper and the way it blends with the beads you chose.

  21. I love this Mary! Your additions are so very pretty - your toggle is just gorgeous.

  22. I love your necklace Mary! The colors are beautiful!

  23. Love your pendant and toggle! Very earthy!

  24. Mary you made a really Wonderful pc!!! I Love it!!! Everything youve used the chain and your pendant excellent Quality and beauty. Sublime!!

  25. Gorgeous! I'm loving looking at everyone's design, I love the chunky feel that you created with yours. Great job!

  26. I really like the mix of greens. Those little pops of bright green give it texture and depth. Thank you for your inspiration!
    Enjoy the day!

  27. Love the wire wrapped elements! Great inspiration.

  28. Nicely done! You did a fantastic job incorporating the elements and adding your own. I love the earthy colors and how very organic the end piece resulted.

  29. Gorgeous! I love your mix of greens & the wire wrapping!!

  30. Love your necklace; the focal bead and clasp are just beautiful!

  31. couldn't be lovelier. just just wonderful.

  32. Mary, what an inspired design! I love your palette -- I never would have thought to add the lime green, and that's what makes the palette so interesting. Your focal and clasp are phenomenal -- you're a gifted artist!

  33. Thank you, Thank you Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I learned a lot from you and I feel so inspired by all your visits. It was a fun event. H ope to meet you all again when I visit you on the next Lorelei Challenge in Nov?

  34. Wow Mary - I love the way you put this necklace together! The additions you made with your own beads look terrific, and the "lumpy bumpy texture" is what gives it it's character. Beautiful!

  35. It turned out beautiful! I love the ceramic pendant and the lime beads. I never would have thought of lime, but it totally works!

  36. This is simply gorgeous, Mary. Your design is stunning, something I would love to wear ALL the time!

  37. Mary, this is just simply a gorgeous necklace! I love the toggle and focal. Wasn't this such a fun challenge?


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