Monday, October 04, 2010

Stoneware Beads, Toggles, and Pendants on Etsy Now

I have added some stoneware tumbled, unglazed beads to my Etsy store this weekend.
I also canned 14 quarts of Pears.  My husband helped me and we got it finished in about 4 hours.  Last time we did a joint pear canning all of the glasses cracked in the canner.  That was awhile ago.  I am so grateful these turned out.  And so did these toggles and beads that I made recently.

I think this stoneware toggle goes well with the them-- the beads, not the pears.

Or this stoneware wild grass pendant

And some more teal beads.

As we canned pears we could see the river rising out the window.  Luckily we brought the dock in last weekend.
Or it could be looking like this about now.  


  1. My what a productive weekend....12 cans fo pears!! Your new pieces are beautiful...I especially love the teal colors.

  2. Thanks Cindy for writing in. Thanks for the kind words about my new pieces and pears.

  3. Oh wow! I love the Wild Grass pendant. Your work is so beautiful!

  4. Wonderful new work, the grass pendant is just lovely!

  5. Wonderful stuff as always, Mary - I simply love your toggles!

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  7. I love the toggle...thought it was ceramic at first...after reading a the patina'd metal details...amazing how close these are! Great idea! Glad to hear this batch of pears canned up well...sad when you have to dump them!


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