Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Summer Solstice

Here is a picture of breaking dawn yesterday at about 4:40AM EDT.  It  was a beautiful clear beginning.  Today is a bit overcast and here is my picture for the First Day of Summer--the beginning of my very favorite season.

                                  Breaking  Dawn  Summer Solstice  Taken at 4:39AM  EDT  June 21, 2012

I spent part of yesterday with my friend Isis enjoying the sun and her new miniature donkeys  and young ducks and geese.

I  purposely wore the necklace Isis designed for me last week  with my ceramic beads so she could see how
it looked strung it up.    I love this simple circle of bright colors around my neck.  Thank you so much Isis.

 I had to get my passport picture taken yesterday. By chance I was wearing the necklace.   Now it will be immortalized in my passport book for the next 10 years.  How cool is that?

                                                                 Happy Summer Solstice!!!


  1. What beautiful photos! Looks like you had a glorious day! That necklace is just beautiful in its simplicity! Enjoy your favorite season!

    1. It was wonderful Patti!! Thanks so for stopping by and leaving me such happy greetings!!!


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