Sunday, June 23, 2013

Updated Etsy Shop and Book Club Happenings

I have added these pieces to my Etsy shop this weekend

I have also been busy working on my necklace for Andrew Thornton's Inspired By Reading Book Club reveal which will be this Tuesday, June 25. Just come back to my blog and I will have the links posted.

I have totally enjoyed our book this month which is The Bucolic Plague by  Josh Kilmer-Purcell 

Its all about living in the country and getting back to basics.  Since it is gardening season right now, and much of my time lately has been spent planting and weeding this book fits right in with my life.  What fun!! I usually work on the piece I am making from very early morning until the dew dries in the garden and before it gets too hot.  I expect to put it all together tomorrow morning from 4:00 AM to 6:00AM.  Our cats faithfully wake me by scratching at our bedroom door beginning about 3:45AM.  Luckily I am most energetic in the early morning!!
                                                      Hope you have a great day today!!


  1. Really like those word stamped toggles and the ceramic pieces, as always, are beautiful.

  2. I completely agree about early mornings, although 4am is when my cats wake me up and I shoo them away and try and steal a couple more hours before getting going. Lovely textures and colours. Love the turquoise glaze with the copper plate.

  3. My goodness Mary - when do you go to sleep?! I think I would struggle to get 4 hours a night if I got up at that time! It is amazing how different all of our body clocks are. I adore all of these pieces, although I think my favourites are the two central pendants, bottom row. They look so vibrant and tactile - almost as if you have implanted two real flowers into these pieces!!

  4. Your work is gorgeous and inspiring as always...and good grief I'm just falling asleep by 4am... I miss gardening ... My home use to be surrounded by flowers and container gardens... Physically I am unable anymore... Even containers are hard for me..they were my fave... Loved to design unique containers with trailers and different centre focals... I hope u share pics of yours with us.... Take care xox


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