Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2nd Saturday State of Your Studio

Here it is the 2nd Saturday State of Your Studio post by MarshaNeal Studio on the Beads-of-Clay blog.  Now we have a banner we can post on our blog to make it easier for folks to see what we are all doing.  Everyone who wants to participate can, you can be any kind of maker, designer or collector.  The more the merrier.  Just grab the url from this pic by clicking on it and going to properties and copy that address to your blog Gidget editor for pictures and enter it in the web url slot and link it back to the beads of clay.

Here are my goings on in my studio since we last did this.  First a nice vacation over the Holidays.  Then my husband installed new high output  flourescent lights in my studio.  It had been a little dark and shadowy in there with the older, small flouresents.  Of course that was a bit of a mess on top of the mess so I have a lot of clean up to do still. 

Since I have been doing a few new things in the area of explorations.  I have been trying to rivet letter disks to a premade copper bracelet.  See pic below. 

 And turning 1/4 inch copper pipe into toggle bars.  See pics below.

As for plans, I am promising myself I will try out copper clay before the next 2nd Saturday State of Your Studio and have some new beads I am working on ready for display and sale by then too.


  1. Mary, the copper-pipe toggles are amazing. What a clever idea!

  2. thanks for sharing ..i love the new toggle bars..great idea to use the copper tube

  3. That's using your ingenuity, Mary! You wouldn't guess those toggles were once copper pipes! They're wonderful!

  4. So that's how you do that! Very cool. Thanks for sharing your toggle technique! :)

  5. Such a great idea! I'll never look at the plumbing isle at the hardware store the same way again!


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