Friday, January 07, 2011

Finished For Friday

One of the things I have planned to do for 2011 is to finish up some necklaces and bracelets that I have started.  I thought I might be able to motivate myself if I blogged about them on a specific day each week.  Hence the title for this blog post today. 
The necklace above is one I began last summer.  Got stuck and moved on to other things.  When I began to work on it this week, it look almost like the pic below:

I have noted in the photo some of the parts that were not on the necklace when I started this week.  It was actually not that much to do so I was able to meet my goal of getting finished by today.

closeup of the front portion with one of my stamped copper rings from Harbor Freight
those beautiful sea glass dark red brown beads are from The Beadin' Path and the seed beads are from Shipwreck Beads

close up of the clasp with one of my ceramic beads

Well I have met my goal for this week.  The one I have picked for next week only needs a little more to be finished so I should be able to get that one posted as well.
Thank you so much for joining me today and boosting my motivation to finish up.


  1. It's GORGEOUS! And what a great idea for a weekly feature. I have some UFO's of my own ;o)

  2. Mary, the necklace is awesome! And your idea gerat - Love to See the Next project!

  3. This necklace is amazing!!!

  4. Thank so much Jennifer. What a great comment and very motivating indeed. Glad I could come up with a weekly feature and glad you like it.

  5. Hi Stefani, thank you for such great support. Did you sign up for the Bead Soup Party? I did just a bit ago. Lots going to be in it this time. Hope you are.

  6. Thank you Palimpa for the great comment. Going to get those UFO's into circulation. Your comment is helping.
    Thank to all of you.

  7. A fabulous necklace, Mary. I have quite of few of those unfinished projects...

  8. You really have a way with beads...that is Gorgeous Mary WOW!!!

  9. Thank you for stopping by Stegata. I am delighted you like the necklace. I have more unfinished pieces than I thought. This may go on for some time.

  10. Hi Janet, So good to hear from you. I love to do peyote stitch but often get "stuck" which is why I am doing this. Just too many unfinished pieces hanging around here. Your enthusiasm is much appreciated.

  11. What a great bring those abandoned projects into the light :)
    I may try that myself to get them finished...
    Also that necklace is FANTASTIC
    I find many of those bead-weaving pieces just tooo much (overworked)
    and this one is so perfect and artful!

  12. Hi Birgitta,
    Thank you for your comment and observation about bead work often being over worked. Being this simple is new for me and I am interested to know that you like it. I found it a great pleasure to make.


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