Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Bead Soup Partner: Genea Beads --- Lucky Me!!!

Love Daisy-Aster- Handmade lampwork bead glass daisy heart ring on an adjustable base by Genea Beads

I am so lucky to be been partnered with Genea Beads for the Bead Soup Blog Party.  Thank you, Thank you Lori!!!!!

I am showing you photos from Genea's Etsy Shop.  She is a very talented lampwork glass artist.  I love her use of color and form.  She is fun and innovative, as you can see from these pics.  She has already made up beads for my soup and they are in the mail.  Should arrive today or Monday.  I can't wait!!!  I am busily making a surprise package for her as well.

Hawaiian Lei- hand made lamp work bead fringe and dangle bracelet by Genea Beads

Amandas Rekkets- handmade lampwork bead set discs by Genea Beads 

Heart Burst Tabs-handmade lampwork set of 5 tab beads by

  You can see a pic of her new  TriFlower Trumpet bead that she designed especially for me on her Facebook page.  I feel so honored!!!

This is going to be such a fun Bead Soup Blog party!!!


  1. I'd say you are both very very VERY lucky!

  2. Awesome! I love Genea's work!

  3. A riot of colour - just like spring!
    Love the necklace in your last post - wonderful work!

  4. Thank you Malin. I'll be so excited to see what we each come up with. I am working on making some goodies for her right now.

  5. Anonymous23/1/11 15:55

    Beautiful and colorful beads! Very retro.

  6. Awww thanks everyone for the kind words!

    A HUGE thank you to Mary! You are the best! So kind, encouraging and creative!

    I can't wait to get your bead soup!

    Much love,



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