Monday, January 17, 2011

New in My Etsy Shop

This is a small sew on bead which I think would work well on peyote stitch or bead embroidery.  I have been using them on my peyote stitch pieces and plan to do more.

It was 20 degrees below zero this morning when I got up.  Now the house is super warm and I am by the fire beading.  I don't think I will get to my barn studio before afternoon.  By then it may be above freezing!!!  LOL! Over the weekend I added these pieces to my Etsy Shop

These are also sew ons

This is a new toggle clasp in wonderful muted blues, purples, burgundies with a faint clover leaf pattern in the background

A small toggle in red brown with dark brown imprinted leaves and leaf toggle bar

These three sew ons went on Reserve right after they were listed. 

I love these colors together in this pendant SOLD

Hope it is warmer where you are today.  The good thing about cold weather today is that the whole sky is bright blue and the sun is shining its heart out.  What a glorious way to celebrate Martin Luther King.


  1. Love it, love it, love it, love it....

  2. These are lovely esp the bird and flowers! I think it is 2 here - I've stoked up the fireplaces and the kids are off today so I'm sure there will be a bunch of FRICTION to keep us warm - LOL. We are expecting rain/snow and hail tonight - I can't wait! ( hahahaha ) If the kids are off tomorrow I may loose my mind!

  3. That last one seems like a departure for you...but I love the colors and the stylized design! Interesting to see where your creative journey is taking you Mary!
    Enjoy the day.

  4. everything is so very beautiful! stay warm...

  5. Thanks for the visit and love Stefani!!!

  6. My Life Under the Bus...hope your survived the day. Thank you so much for commenting on the bird and flowers. Glad you like them. Always such a thrill to get positive feedback on new pieces. Thanks so much.

  7. Hi Erin, Thanks for visiting and commenting. I was exploring some colors with the stylized piece. It is a pattern I have used from time to time that I really love. But the format is new for sure.
    We are warmer here today, thank goodness.

  8. Hi Marie, thanks so for the visit and the positive feedback. So appreciated. Yes, it is warmer today. Whew!!

  9. Sweet little bird bead! Love the fall colors on that leaf pendant as well. Nice combination. Glad you're warm there ~ we're having a bilzzard in NH!!


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