Friday, January 28, 2011

Finished By Friday 3 bracelets

This week I set my sights on finishing 3 beaded bracelets that I started some time ago.  The pearl one in right angle weave (far right) must have been started at least 4 years ago and just sat around in an almost finished state all that time.  It really only needed a clasp and a few tiny picots added on the side, and one bead repositioned.

 My favorite in the batch is the peyote scallop shaped bracelet with my stoneware fired and tumbled handmade beads.  It came out so much better than I thought it would.  I had to add some of the beads to the surface of the bracelet since it was no longer possible to work them in as most of the others are.  But it hardly looks that way.  I also like the way the button fits in.  When the clasp is closed on the wrist it looks really cool I think.

 The necklace below is included in this weeks post because I repaired it and made it wearable again by today.  I am counting it for that reason.  I also made this one at least 2 years ago.

Thank you for stopping by and helping me be motivated to finish all these pieces.


  1. Mary you are officially my new hero" I never find the patience to go back to my UFOs and believe me there are plenty of them and you managed to finish three!!!

  2. Gorgeous bracelets! I am totally in love with your style of stone bracelet. Thanks...


  3. Anonymous29/1/11 05:23

    These are stunning bracelets and the necklace is is unique. You are good!

  4. Mary, I am so impressed! Three amazingly detailed and complex bracelets in a week?? I agree with Stefanie - you're my hero too!

  5. Thank you all for the very enthusiastic comments about the bracelets. I think I mislead if it looks like I made these completely in 1 week. Each was in an almost finished unfinished state--mostly needing the button clasp. The peyote stitch needed more work than that but the other 2 just required the button clasp. I have been wearing the peyote one quite a bit since. so I am glad it is ready.


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